Poll: Secret Santa Christmas 2018?
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Christmas 2018 - Secret Santa Proposal/Poll
teamGF Secret Santa Proposal

Hey People!

I have been involved with a couple of Secret Santas this year and realized that we don't do one, and I'm not really sure why.. So I am putting it up to vote whether or not we should start a secret santa for NEXT christmas (Christmas 2018, not 2017). How it would work is I would send out a google forum with a box for your name, email, address, and maybe a few suggestions/about you section. Small Revision: Probably just an amazon wishlist, to keep it anonymous and safe, and just a google forum with your name/email to pick a person... Then we would randomly assign people and you guys do your thing. I think this would be really fun for us, Please vote if you would participate in this or not.

NOTE: You are not promising to do it yet, I am just trying to get a rough idea of the pool of people that are interested in a secret santa

Thanks Guys!

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