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teamGF World of Warcraft Division - Blucid - 10-23-2018

teamGF World of Warcraft Division
[Image: world-of-warcraft.jpg]

Server: Scarlet Crusade (RP - US West)
Side: Alliance
Classes: Play what you want.
Guild: None Yet

The Rundown:
This division was started because most modern games only have 4-5 players at any given time. The new expansion pack for WoW is quite good, and I believe if we start playing together as a Guild it would be a lot of fun for most people. We also joined a RP Server so we can have some extra fun. Also we will NOT be running a guild on the server, instead we will join a medium / high pop guild and do teamGF activities within that guild while meeting new people and friends.

Join us and lets give this a go, some people are already having fun.