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| About Me and teamGF |__________________

teamGF started out early 2002, when I got my first Xbox and we started out playing Halo online through the tunneling Service. The clan was friend and family only, and it grew from there. Now almost a decade later it is still a dedicated group of friends and family who play games together.

Started gaming on the PC around 1999, Playing games such as Starsiege: Tribes and Quake 1 through 3. I was very limited on what I can play and compete in because I did not get a real computer upgrade until late 2003. Since 2003 I have played almost every single PC game out there. I will try everything at least once, and once I get into a game I usually go all out. I have been part of the eSports Scene for quite some time as well. I do enjoy gaming and just being the center of attention, hopefully those two together will make you stay and watch my hilarious streams.

| eSports Achievements |__________________

FragMark 2001 Q3A – 1v1 – 3rd Place – Vancouver / Canada
FragMark 2002 Q3A – 1v1 – 1st Place – Vancouver / Canada
Quake 3 Arena | CTF | Team DOOM
Day of Defeat 1.3 * 6v6 * CAL-I/M * fa| Fallen Angels
Day of Defeat: Source * 6v6 * CAL-M * Devils Descendants / pub*Source
Battlefield 2 * TWL * 6v6 / 12v12 / 5v5inf * Hell's Katz Squad
Battlefield 2142 * TWL * Hell's Katz Squad
Tribes Vengeance * Various Tribes Ladders including TWL * Team TG
Gears of War (X360) * CAL-O Season 1 Playoffs R1 * Team GF
Call of Duty 4 * CAL-O Season 1 Playoffs R1, CAL-IM/M * Team Desecration

| Stream Achievements |___________________

25 Followers (July 29 / 2015)
50 Followers (Sept 9 / 2015)
75 Followers (Dec 5 / 2015)
100 Followers (April 14 / 2016) (Giveaway - 2x Steam Games and 100 Follower Party)
250 Followers (April 8 / 2017)

| FAQ |__________________________________

Name: Denis "Blucid" O.
Age: 32 (August 1, 1985)
Nationality: Originally from Jugoslavia but live in Canada.

Q: What is your Favorite Game?
A: This is a tough answer, but most likely Starsiege: Tribes. But Quake comes at a close 2nd.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I love playing video-games, I spend most of my days on the computer. But also in the last several years I have become a huge Car Junky.

Q: How can I join the teamGF Minecraft Server?
A: Please fillout the application form for the server, MCServer Application Form

| Car Stuff |______________________________

Car: 2011'Subaru "Bruiser" WRX STI in Plasma Blue
Picture: Update June 2015
Current Mods: @Stage2 (Air Intake, COBB Tune, and Exhaust)
Blog / More Information: Follow my InstaGram and Facebook